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Instructional Video Download Directions & Troubleshooting
Instructional Video Download Directions,Troubleshooting and Viewing

Downloading Instructional videos from Show Me How Videos is fast and easy and can save you shipping fees
(please read the Terms and Conditions before downloading any videos).

Your first considerations:
You need to determined your connection speed (how fast your online connection) is. For example dial up will be very slow, DSL depending on your agreement can be fast, cable even faster. You will want to download a smaller file for the slower download but understand the viewing screen is much smaller in size. You cannot change or return a download if you are unhappy with the screen viewing size. You also should not stretch the viewing window as it will distort and make the image less sharp.

(Download Calculator)

You can view our videos in QuickTime or ITunes. We use the H264 processor for exporting our videos to ensure the sharpest and clearest picture. ITunes gives an exceptional viewing window even if you do not intend to use and iPod or iPhone. For any m4v downloads intended for iPods or iPhones these downloads must be viewed on ITunes. If you do not have ITunes or QuickTime on your computer you will need to install it before being able to view. Make sure your computer is compatible and has the room and ability to download these programs prior to purchasing any of our downloads. Downloads are non refundable once the download has been initiated. Show Me How Videos is not responsible for any inadvertent damage, freezing, crashing, or viruses which may result from downloading any of the viewers or our video or audio downloads. You agree to be solely responsible for your computer and it’s performance.

(Download ITunes here)
(Download QuickTime here)

Downloading and Viewing Videos
Once you have chosen the video you want to download select that item and proceed to checkout. Once you have successfully paid for the video, you will receive an email from Show Me How Videos with instructions to complete the download process.
You should create a folder call it Show Me How Videos in you documents and save the download to that file.

How long does the download take?
Download times will vary, depending on the size of the download, the quality of the video, and your connection speed, and the amount of traffic on the Internet. For users with high-speed connections, a 45 minute video takes 15-30 minutes for the “fastest download” version and 30-90 minutes for the “highest quality” version. Opening and Viewing the Video
Next double click or right click and open the zipped file.
If the file has .mov extension at the end of the file name, double click on it and it will open in QuickTime.
If the file has an .m4v extension at the end of the file name, double click and it should play in ITunes. You can also right click on a .m4v extension and tell it to open with QuickTime.

Trouble Shooting:

Video Not Downloading:
What to do:
1. Be sure to set your computer to sleep never.
2. Turn off you anti virus.
3. Turn off all firewalls protection.
4. Try a different browser, i.e Firefox, Explorer, Safari.
5. Clear your cache.

Video Not Playing Properly:
What to do:
Try downloading the latest version of Quicktime or I-tunes. Try viewing in both I-Tunes and Quicktime for the optimum viewing experience.

Video Not Starting Properly or Stopping:
What to do:
Be sure the video has stopped downloading completely or you may disrupt the download process.

Poor Image Quality:
The viewing window size can be maximized or reduced, however for the optimum viewing quality, both QuickTime and ITunes generally open to the ideal viewing window size. If you view in full screen mode there may be a loss of viewing quality and by reducing the viewing window the quality will return.
What to do:
Adjust the navigation bar view, drop down to window to normal viewing size.

Video Download is Incomplete or Stops:
If during download the download process stops or is incomplete you may re-download under you information in the Show Me How Videos login.
What to do:
Temporarily set you power settings to never sleep, sometimes sleep setting may interupt the download process.

Now sit back and enjoy another video from Show Me How Videos and thank you for your valued business.

Show Me How Videos

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