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SLR Digital Photography  (Reviews)
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 09 February, 2007.
price: $29.95
Items description
SLR Digital Photography

Digital SLR Photography
With Mark Duehmig


How to get the most from the functionality on your camera:
•What makes digital SLRs different than film cameras
•Take control of your camera exposure
•Manual control of shutter speed for better stop-action photos
•How to adjust your camera for any lighting conditions
•Avoid common mistakes with multifunction cameras
•Getting the best results from your lenses
•Adjusting the aperture to make your subjects stand out
•Using the controls of your camera to achieve specific affects

How to turn the flexibility of your camera into better photos:
•Composing photos for best creative effect
•Understanding depth of field
•Using light metering systems to make sure your subjects are perfectly exposed
•What accessories are must-have and what you should do without
•Choosing a tripod and camera bag
•Reviewing your photos in the field
•How to protect your equipment from drops and weather
•What to do with the photos once you ready to transfer them

Your Host: Mark Duehmig

Mark Duehmig has been carrying a camera around for over 20 years. His first camera was a point-and-shoot that had a dial with three pictures; sun, clouds and a candle. Now he is a professional photographer and has taken photos in almost 30 countries and has come to know what works best, and how to use it anywhere.

Now Mark will share some of that experience with you. He learned long ago that not every gadget is a good thing to throw in your bag.

“I was hiking around the pyramids in Giza, Egypt when my back told me I was using the wrong camera bag and I had too much stuff I didn’t need in there.” Mark said. “Ever since, I’ve really worked to make sure I have everything I need and not a thing more- and it should all be packed in the right bag.”

Now that you’ve invested in a good digital SLR camera, Mark will show you how to get the photos you want, whether you’re out on assignment or out on vacation.

Run Time 1hour 44Minutes

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